Total ReBrand: Austin Craft Realty Is Now Craft Apartment Locators

Austin Craft Realty is now officially Craft Apartment Locators. Owner + Broker Drew Johnson explains the reasoning behind this pivot and thanks everyone involved while excitedly looking towards the future of becoming Austin's highest performing apartment locators.

Big things have been going on behind the scenes recently! We are happy to announce that Austin Craft Realty is now officially Craft Apartment Locators.

Why is this, and what does it mean? Well, thanks for asking. You see, we poured ourselves a cold craft beer, looked over the numbers, and talked it over with our dogs. What we realized is that there’s one thing that we really do best: we help the people of Austin find and lease amazing deals on apartment homes, and we genuinely believe that our experience, reputation, and teamwork gives us the edge to do it at the highest level. 

Austin Craft Realty was built on the premise that our agents would grow with you, the client, as your Austin journey evolves. You’d go from renting an apartment in Austin to renting a house with us as your trusted Realtors. Then, you’d pull the ultimate boss move of buying a home in Austin. You’d then one day need to sell that home to upgrade to a better one, and may even be in the position to diversify your portfolio by purchasing some investment properties. 

All in all, this was a supremely ambitious business model that became unfocused over time, both internally and externally. While helping first-time homebuyers flex on the Austin housing market is a virtuous and sexy idea, it is far more complex than helping you rent an Austin apartment. It also requires a whole different set of resources and expertise. We found that doubling down on our apartment locating services in Austin is not only what we’re best at, but also what lets us have the most fun. And, at the end of the day, what’s the point of having a job that’s not fun?

As the sole Owner and Broker, I’d like to thank all of the agents who participated in Austin Craft Realty with me. There were many highs and lows over the past 3.5 years, and I have learned some invaluable lessons. Great friendships were formed and unforgettable memories were made. Some of our top producing agents have moved on recently to pursue careers focused on real estate sales transactions, and I love them and wish them the best. They will serve as valuable referral partners for when our returning clients whom are looking to buy need to be pointed in the right direction for a great Realtor. 

What’s very exciting to me is that we’ve managed to retain a valuable core of apartment locators whom all possess the right blend of experience, attitude, and energy. This will ensure that Craft Apartment Locators hits the ground running. I’d like to give a very heartfelt thanks to the Craft Apartment Locators team, from the individual apartment locators to our killer office manager to our insanely kickass admin assistant. I’m happy to call all of our team members my good friends.

We decided to keep the Craft name for a few reasons. We have a great reputation amongst our clients, apartment building management, fellow local Austin small businesses, and the general public. Also, our core values of providing customer service that is quality, unique, and small-batch will remain as intact as they were in March of 2016 when Drew Johnson launched the company from a live/work apartment unit off S. Lamar without a single agent on board. We want continuity with our logo and name brand, as well. And finally, well, we just love craft beer, so we think the name is cool if y’all do, too.

We will be discontinuing our membership with the Austin Board of Realtors (ABOR) come January 1st. However, we will still be fully licensed real estate agents in the state of Texas through the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). This allows us to help our clients purchase newly built houses and condos in addition to finding the best apartment deals in Austin. 

We are hard at work building the systems and strategy that’ll catapult Craft Apartment Locators to the top of the market and the tip of your tongue. If you have any inquiries, give me, Drew, a shout at - and if you or your friends are looking to outsmart the Austin apartment market, call us up at 512.649.1010 to get started. Godspeed, y’all!

There you have it, folks. Austin Craft Realty is the past. Craft Apartment Locators is the present, the future, and the bomb when it comes to free apartment finders in Austin.

Drew Johnson

Owner + Broker

<b>Favorite Austin brewery</b><br>

Jester King


<b>Favorite Austin eatery</b><br> Kemuri Tatsu-Ya


<b>Favorite Austin neighborhood</b><br> Holly


<b>Favorite Movie</b><br> Back to the Future


<b>Favorite band in high school</b><br> Red Hot Chili Peppers (still is!)


<b>Best Austin memory</b><br> Starting a business in a tiny space off S. Lamar without having any earthly idea what I was doing. The grind never stops! 


<b>Austin dream apartment</b><br> I'd love to live at The Catherine with that insane panoramic Downtown skyline view. 


<b>Message to the renters of Austin</b><br> It's kinda crazy how this service is free. We bring you value by sharing our knowledge of the leasing process and the ever-changing market. Since prices are controlled by software algorithms at most communities, they rise and fall daily. Same goes for rent specials. We crowd-source these deals internally and are able to offer them to you so you don't lose any sleep wondering if you got the absolute best deal or not. Then, we advocate for your best interests at the community of your choice to ensure you're locked in to the BEST unit they have...not the unit they want to get off the books.