The Story of Austin Craft Realty

To understand the philosophy of Austin Craft Realty's "hybrid brokerage" approach, you must first learn how it came to be.

This didn't happen overnight.

To understand the story ofAustin Craft Realty, you must first learn the story of its founder, DrewJohnson. Right before graduating from Trinity University in San Antonio in thedown economy of 2010, Drew found a traditional desk job in Austin by crashing aUT career fair. However, Drew quickly grew disillusioned by the “soul-crushing”corporate culture. He quickly jumped ship to get his real estate license.Without any sort of network in place in his new city of Austin, Drew decided tojoin a small, hip downtown office that did one thing: apartment locating.

I could have joined Keller Williams fresh out the gates and gone doorknocking and cold calling til I ran out of money or pulled out my hair,whichever came first”, says Drew. “Iwanted to start from the ground up and work with my peers who were rentingapartments in the urban core, just like me. It helped me rapidly gain theinterpersonal skills crucial to making clients comfortable, plus I learned thegeography of Austin quite fast. The friendships I made with my clients, many ofwhom were new to Austin, was the best part.

After about two years of rapidsuccess with apartment locating, something peculiar happened. Drew’s clientswhom he had helped lease apartments started asking him about buying property inAustin, TX. Clueless--but up for the challenge--Drew quickly got his REALTORcertification through the Austin Board of Realtors and went to work. Afterstumbling through a few deals without proper support at the apartment locatingcompany he was at, Drew realized that it was time to move to an agency thatfocused on real estate sales in Austin.

For the next two and a half years, Drew thrived at an excellent mid-sized downtown Austin real estate agency, quickly becoming a Top-5 agent amongst the roster of over 40 agents.Many friendships were made, and expert guidance was given to sharpen Drew’s tools when it came to sales transactions.

However, Drew noticed two things: first, young, green millennial agents were struggling to gain traction by solely focusing on house sales. Secondly, the market for apartment locating was becoming more lucrative than ever due to all the new apartments being built all around town. Since Drew had just become eligible to receive his Brokers license, he bid farewell and started strategizing for the “hybrid brokerage”that would become Austin Craft Realty.


Without a penny of revenue,Drew was riding on nothing but confidence that his unique concept would work. “I had zero agents, zero experience as a manager, and zero outside funding. Luckily, I had $30k in the bank and the drive to go out on my own. If this experiment failed, I could at least go back to being a full-time Austin Realtor before turning 30. There wasn’t much to lose.

First house listing under Austin Craft Realty

After a fruitless seach fortraditional commercial office space involving many denials due to his startupstatus, Drew opened Austin Craft Realty’s “World Headquarters” at 3401 S. Lamarblvd in a Live/Work unit at a mixed-use apartment building called The 704. Uponthe chance meeting of young agent and freshly minted UT Grad Jordan Bishop,Drew was able to hire her on to help with the company’s launch. With nothingbut six desks and a conference room, Austin Craft Realty’s unique businessmodel started attracting quality agents, one by one. As of February 2017,Austin Craft Realty has 14 agents, all of whom are dedicated to qualitycustomer service that we like to call “small-batch”. In January 2017 alone, ACRagents generated over 50 transactions…in a traditionally slow month for realestate anywhere.

Agent Wade Gordy with happy clients at the closing of their downtown condo

“We grow with our clients,” says Owner + Broker Drew Johnson. “Instead of our agents depending on Zillow leads with low conversionrates of 3%, the Austin Craft Realty strategy is to help them find stellar apartmentdeals with our proprietary systems and superior market knowledge. Then, westick with them by utilizing superior CRM technology provided by thecutting-edge local RE Tech company RealSavvy. We become friends with many ofour clients and have a genuine interest in their lives and personal growth. Wethrow quarterly client appreciation parties that are always a blast. Thisensures that they come back to us when they’re ready to buy property in Austin,aka the #UltimateBossMove. Thus, the agents themselves slowly but surelytransition from being an apartment locator to being a REALTOR focusing onsales. It’s a beautiful thing.”

What the future holds forAustin Craft Realty is exciting. A new, state-of-the-art website went live inearly February. A lease for a new office space on the bustling E. 6thSt. corridor has been signed, and the company will move in to the larger,hipper, and more walkable space in mid-April of 2017. Promotions of key agentsto help with management are soon to be made. New team members eager to maketheir mark in Austin apartment locating and Austin home sales will come onboard. Slow and thoughtful growth will ensue.

Custom Austin cookies for our clients

But for now, Austin CraftRealty remains focused on providing substantial value to our current clients,whether they’re looking for an urban apartment deal or making the leap in toAustin homeownership.


“Many folks don’t realize that our apatment locatingand first-time homebuyer services are completely free to them,” says Drew. “Youngpeople also don’t realize that buying a house isn’t as daunting as they maythink. There are many low-down payment loans and down payment assistanceprograms that makes the dream very attainable. The great thing about AustinCraft Realty agents being able to do both leasing and sales with ease is thatyou can work with an agent whom you already feel comfortable with when it’stime to buy a house, so there’s no trepidation in reaching out to a random,out-of-touch real estate agent online.”

Team Meeting in January, 2017

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about the author

Drew Johnson

Owner + Broker

Originally from Ft. Worth, Texas, Drew fell in love with the city of Austin as a kid when he was captivated by its eclectically progressive lifestyle and music scene. Drew spent four years at Trinity University earning his degree in Business Marketing, during which time he spent a semester abroad in Sevilla, Spain.

Upon landing in Austin in 2010, Drew hit the ground running by becoming a top apartment locator in Austin before leveling-up to be a Realtor to help folks with buying homes. But being just a Realtor wasn't enough, and Drew had a vision for a brokerage that did both sales and apartment locating at a high level. With this dual expertise, Drew founded Austin Craft Realty in early 2016.

In late 2019, Drew decided to pivot his company towards the fast-paced, fun, and opportunity-friendly apartment locating industry. Already experts in the field, ACR was re-branded to Craft Apartment Locators in October and is no longer be associated with the Austin Board of Realtors. Drew is very excited for the opportunities that come with focusing on what his company does best: helping Austinites find fantastic deals on Austin apartments.

While Drew is no longer a Realtor himself, he has excellent connections in real estate and is happy to recommend a great Realtor to you.

When Drew isn’t working hard to constantly improve Craft Apartment Locators, you might find him bicycling around town, serving on the board of the Young Men’s Business League, playing saxophone at some of Austin's best venues, and enjoying the latest craft brews. He is a proud homeowner in the exciting and vibrant East Austin 78702.