How to Shine on Valentine's Day in Austin

Austin is full of quirky, romantic hot spots. Whether you're a pair of seasoned lovers, trying to impress your crush, or perpetually single, we've got the best go-tos to shine this Valentine's Day in Austin.

Do you know what you are doing for Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, The Austin Craft Realty Team has crafted a list of Valentine’s Day options that are sure to make you a hero this Valentine’s Day!

-Stick with the Traditional:

Make a dinner reservation at your favorite Austin Spots. Austin has options crafted for any budget. The most important thing is to be able to spend time together not where you go! Make sure you make a reservation or have a backup plan if you intend to try to find a space without making a reservation! Austin Craft Realty Owner/Broker Drew Johnson recommends making a reservation at Juliet on Barton Springs Road for Valentine’s Day 2018!

Crafted Tip: Find an Austin hot spot offering a Pre-Fixe Menu if you are looking to really

impress your date with a specially crafted experience.

Check out one of our other favorites:

Justine’s- This excellent late night spot features truly French Cuisine and great cocktails in an amazing Environment. This place is an amazing spot on east 5th street for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day 2018!

Licha’s Cantina- If you are looking for a rustic cozy environment this valentine’s day Licha’s is your place! This east 6th cantina has excellent Interior Mexican food with a modern twist! This more casual environment is sure to help you win your valentine’s heart

Dai Due- This Farm to Table Restaurant also has a Butcher Shop on the property. This Valentines they are featuring a 4 Course Pre Fixe menu with a Seafood, Wild game and vegetable option. This Unique and local dining experience is sure to impress.

-Dessert Only:

Do not be afraid to spend your entire budget on a mind-blowing dessert and a nice bottle

of bubbly! You could make a reservation for dessert only at one of your favorite

spots! Or if you are wanting to keep it low key, place an order for your favorite treats

ahead of time so you can enjoy them at home or even on a bench at your favorite park in

Austin! Austin Craft Realty Agent Stephanie Gregg recommends getting treats from La

Patisserie to really impress your date.

-Stay Home:

Treat your date to a home cooked meal! We know, this can seem like a bit of a cop-out

but if done correctly it can be a very heroic move! Spend a little time planning your meal,

find a new twist on one of your dates all-time favorites or try something different and a

little outside of your comfort zone! Our Agent Chris Rodriguez says craft a specially

curated playlist to go along with dinner and don’t forget the red wine and candles for that

extra special touch!

-Single? Go Shred a Picture of your Ex:

Hooters Restaurants boast 10 free boneless chicken wings if you bring in and destroy a

picture of your ex. If you don’t want to be out in a crowd you can also destroy the photo

on their website and download a coupon from their website for free wings to go! This

Unique way to celebrate, or mourn, your singleness may be just what you need to be

ready to take on the rest of 2018! After Hooters you can totally walk over to Egos and

drown your sorrows with some karaoke!

So there you have it-- The best spots for romance in our lovely city of Austin. Contact us at for further recommendations on Austin's best date spots!

Drew Johnson

Owner + Broker

<b>Favorite Austin brewery</b><br>

Jester King


<b>Favorite Austin eatery</b><br> Kemuri Tatsu-Ya


<b>Favorite Austin neighborhood</b><br> Holly


<b>Favorite Movie</b><br> Back to the Future


<b>Favorite band in high school</b><br> Red Hot Chili Peppers (still is!)


<b>Best Austin memory</b><br> Starting a business in a tiny space off S. Lamar without having any earthly idea what I was doing. The grind never stops! 


<b>Austin dream apartment</b><br> I'd love to live at The Catherine with that insane panoramic Downtown skyline view. 


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