Foundation Communities: How Our Go-To Charity Makes a Difference in Austin

Foundation Communities is a fantastic non-profit providing quality affordable housing solutions for those in need. They also offer community learning centers and on-site support services in their 19 communities (and counting). Austin Craft Realty is proud to provide 2 families per month with living essentials by shopping on their behalf for items on their wish list in order to aid their transition to their new homes!

We're not just about helping folks find killer deals on Austin apartments and houses. We're also about giving back to those in need who aren't able to afford the rising rents in Austin. People who are important parts of Austin's economic ecoystem. Enter Foundation Communities.

AustinCraft Realty's inspiration to give backto Foundation Communities is twofold: We earn our livelihoods byhelping Austinites with medium to high incomes find rental housing in ourincreasingly expensive city.  While the growing economy is great for someresidents, it represents a challenge for lower-income Austinites as theystruggle to find quality, affordable housing close to the urban core. We feelthat directly giving back to renters seeking more affordable situations by regularly donating Welcome Home baskets isthe most sensical use of our charitable donations.

Owner + Broker Drew Johnson and the haul of living essentials purchased for an incoming Foundation Communities family

Secondly,I am personally extremely impressed with the high level of quality in maintenancethat Foundation Communities holds their properties to. Theproperties are sustainable, with an emphasis on green living technology and shared common areas. The grounds are always well kept, which deters crime and instills a sense of pride within neighbors. The wide array of services available to residentsis impactful. There are community learning centers that provide residents with free after-school and summer learning programs for children and teens, as well as adult education classes like English as a Second Language, money management, and fitness and nutrition. There are also on-site support services that help residents directly with their finances and taxes, as well as health consulting services.

Capitol Studios in Downtown Austin for single adults

I agree with Foundation Communities that people who have turnedthe corner to become productive Austinites deserve a welcoming place tolive. Many of the residents here make up a valuable part of Austin's economic ecosystem, and with our city's lack of viable public transportation coupled with rising gas costs, many hard working folks are unable to afford to live within the Austin city limits. These are the people who build our buildings, maintain our public spaces, serve our food, and take care of our kids. These are people who, in this age of systemic inequality and diminishing public services for the poor, depend on the services provided by Foundation Communities to improve on invaluable skills, such as english as a second language (ESL) and after school tutoring for their children whom they can't always be home to tend to. There are also studio communities in urban areas geared towards people who are coming off being homeless and/or having crippling addiction issues. Much of the time, Foundation Communities is their only chance at a new, sober life.

Holly Hughes shows off her donation basket

To qualify, incoming residents/families cannot make more than 30% less than Austin's median income in most cases. This is under $23,000/yr for most families. Incoming residents still must pass minimum income requirements, pass credit and criminal background checks, and must have good rental history. They are not given away, either: rent is still reasonable and expected to be paid.

Agent Josh Giffin fulfilling his family's wishlist

Ourfavorite thing about providing Welcome Baskets is having an opportunity topersonalize home goods for new Foundation Communities residents. It’s a thoughtful and personaltask, which makes it genuinely rewarding. Recently, one of our agents had the opportunity to purchase goods for an outgoing college freshman as she prepared to make the journey to Texas State as the first person on her family to attend college! Her wants for items like a comforter and school supplies were very specific, and according to her thank you note we nailed it.

The crew at Foundation Communities is a well-oiled machine. Shout out to Julia Aguilar for being so great to work with! I can speak on behalf of all my agents that we are looking forward to continuing our support of this worthwhile organization that is doing extremely helpful work to Austinites in need.

Office Manager Trent Guerra and his Foundation Communities Welcome Home baskets

Interested in helping Foundation Communities? Check out their volunteer page here: Interested in donating? Check out this link:

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Owner + Broker

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<b>Message to the renters of Austin</b><br> It's kinda crazy how this service is free. We bring you value by sharing our knowledge of the leasing process and the ever-changing market. Since prices are controlled by software algorithms at most communities, they rise and fall daily. Same goes for rent specials. We crowd-source these deals internally and are able to offer them to you so you don't lose any sleep wondering if you got the absolute best deal or not. Then, we advocate for your best interests at the community of your choice to ensure you're locked in to the BEST unit they have...not the unit they want to get off the books.