5 East Austin Breweries that will Slake your Summer Thirst

These 5 East Austin Breweries are at the top of the 78702 beer game.

Wondering which Eastside urban brewery to hit up this weekend? Check out Austin Craft Realty's list of 5 excellent East Austin breweries, each with unique tasting rooms packed with Summer fun for you and your friends.

The Hops & Grain Brewing Tasting Room WILL get packed.

-Hops & Grain Brewing

507 Calles St.


One of the first breweries in 78702, this Eastside stalwartis also one of the first Austin breweries to ditch the bottles and opted to cantheir beers. They are one of the only microbreweries in the nation that has adedicated lab on site to guarantee consistency. With the runaway popularity oftheir pale lager named The One They Call Zoe, Hops & Grain’s modest sizedtap room is apt to hit capacity quickly on the weekends. Last year, Hops &Grain announced that they will be opening a tap room in San Marcos.


Pro-Tip: The best time to hit it up is Monday throughThursday between 4:00—6:00 for $2.50 pints. Yup.


Austin Craft Realty’s Go-To: Dispensary Pale Ale


We love Lazarus.

-Lazarus Brewing Co.

1906 E. 6th St.


Located steps from the Austin Craft Realty office, Lazarushas quickly ascended to one of the hottest spots on the Eastside to grab somecraft brews. However, it doesn’t stop there. The tacos at Lazarus areexcellent, and the coffee is out of this world.


Choose to sit indoors amongst world-class stainedglass—which is fitting considering the founder spent seven years in ministry—orin the chill courtyard area just off E. 6th and Chicon.


Pro-Tip: Become a Patron Saint of Lazarus to get an amazinghand-blown glass chalice and one FREE beer per day for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.This will cost you a cool grand, but dammit it’s worth it…or at least the costwas justifiable by Austin Craft Realty founder Drew Johnson, who is probablyover there drinking from his chalice right now.


Austin Craft Realty’s Go-To: 20 Pound Brown India Brown Ale


Zilker Brewing Tasting Room: open air, good vibes.

-Zilker Brewing Co.

1701 E. 6th St.


We’re glad Zilker is right down the street from the AustinCraft Realty World Headquarters and not in Zilker Park like its name suggests.We’re also glad that the Zilker Brewing team, started by two brothers, combinescomplex Belgian Trappist yeast strains with straight-forward American brewingprocesses for unique yet balanced beers that are easy drinking and greatconversation starters. We’re all about their lovely tap room right on EastSixth, and it will surely be the site of many ACR team meetings to come.


Pro-Tip: Levitate on by for weekly Yoga + Beer veryWednesday from 7:00-8:00.


Austin Craft Realty’s Go-To: ESB (East Side Beer)


Best can designs in town.

-Blue Owl

2400 E. Cesar Chavez


Five years ago, sours weren’t even considered beer by theskeptical craft crowd. Then, the experimental funk little by little made itsway on to specialty taps and bombers in that store you’d have to venture out ofthe way to go to. Now, beer connoisseurs and thirsty masses alike are enjoyingBlue Owl’s easy drinking sour beers on a hot summer day all over Austin.


What’s the difference? The wild yeast strains that typicallytransform normal beers in to sours AFTER the fermentation process are actuallyintroduced during the fermentation process in Blue Owl’s unique sour-mashingbrewing process. As founder Jeff Young says, their canned beers are the first“after-work” sour for the everyman.


Pro-Tip: Get a glass at the tap room to sample all the beersin a generous 12 ounce pour.


Austin Craft Realty’s Go-To: Professor Black Sour CherryStout


New kid on the block.

-Friends & Allies

979 Springdale rd. #174


With its recent grand opening in April 2017, Friends &Allies is the newest contender in the Eastside brewing game. Friends &Allies is a little farther east from the Austin Craft Realty office butdefinitely worth the trip. With a shiny modern tasting room located in a hipindustrial warehouse community, Friends & Allies is on the come-up with alineup of four beers and growing. Their Noisy Cricket Session IPA can alreadybe found on tap walls around Austin, and we anticipate the Urban Chickenlow-ABV saison will be a big hit.


Pro-Tip: Get your climb on at the adjacent Austin BoulderingProject—the largest climbing gym in North America—before cooling off with acold, fermented reward at Friends & Allies afterwards.


Austin Craft Realty Go-To: Urban Chicken Saison

There you have it, kids: Austin Craft Realty's favorite East Austin breweries. Maybe you'll see our team there next time you go!

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