Frequently Asked Questions

How is it free?

Unlike other cities, where the renter pays an exorbitant amount for access to certain apartments (up to 15% of one year’s rent), you don’t pay a dime in Texas. Our service brings value to both you and the apartment community that you choose. Since well-qualified tenants are important to them, they’re willing to pay us a commission out of their marketing budget.

Do I make enough money to qualify for this place?

Most apartment complexes require you to make 3x the monthly rent in your pre-tax income. So, for a $1,000 apt you’ll have to make at least $36k; for a $1,500 apt it’s $54k; and for a $2,000 apt it’s $72k.

How do I qualify if I don't have a conventional 9-to-5?

There are many ways to show proof of income if you’re not on a salary. Pay stubs from the past two months are the classic. If it’s a new job, a signed offer letter on letterhead will do. Are you in-between jobs but have savings? Proof of funds by printing out your bank acct balance that exceeds the entirety of the term’s rent will work, depending on the mgmt. If we have to get creative, we will.

Do you work with every apartment in Austin?

Basically. While there are a few teeny tiny mom ‘n’ pops that fall under the radar, the vaaast majority of centrally-managed communities work with Austin Apartment Locators

Do you actually show up with me to the property or can I just go by myself?

Great question. It depends on what's best for your schedule. Some apartments have policies that require us to be there with you to get credit. Also, we advocate for you on the tours to ensure you're getting the best unit available and are treated fairly. Sometimes, it's more efficient to 'send; you to the properties on your own. Please let us know before you go so we can set the apt! Ans we'll be here for you to discuss the pros & cons of each one afterward. Just be sure to let 'em know we sent you!

How do I tell the apartment community I’m working with a locator?

Your craft locator will have sent a ‘guest card’ with your basic info on it to the apt mgmt ahead of time. This will make your visit more efficient and less awkward b/c they’ll be expecting you. On the application, be sure to put ‘craft apartment locators’ and your guide’s name under ‘why you rented here’. If it’s a digital app and you can’t find where to put the locator or referral source, please consult your craft guide.

Is it cool to work with more than one locator?

We get it: you want to be sure you are seeing the best deals and as many places as possible. However, this can lead to some unnecessary drama when you have two locators fighting over you, and awkwardness is likely to ensue. However, there are a lot of sub-par locators out there, so why depend on just one to find your dream home? Here’s what we recommend: if your first locator is responsive, knowledgeable, and generally impressive, stick with ‘em, whether it’s us or not. We’re all really working with the same properties. The same deals exist for everyone, it’s just that some companies are better at identifying them (subtle flex). If your locator is dropping the ball, though, then you ought to cleanly part ways with them and work with a quality agent. We’ve had clients tell us that just one of our agents was more helpful than an entire other office before!

Some other locating company will Venmo me 100 bucks for using them. What will y’all do for me??

You go to the same barber//hair stylist again and again because they do a stellar job, not because they give you a free comb. Rather than depend on cheap gimmicks to get customers, we go above and beyond the competition with our attention to epic service and insider market knowledge. Sleeping well at night knowing you got a steal of a deal is worth much, much more.

Why do apartment prices change daily? How can I win amidst this chaos?!

We’re glad you asked! Most apartments, especially the newer builds, are on an algorithm-based pricing software system. It looks at supply, demand, and other factors of the unit itself, like how nice of a view it has and what kind of upgrades. While this is confusing, it can lead to awesome deals. When an apartment has a surplus of 1/1s coming up, it’ll drop the price on them to encourage rentability. These swings can be hundreds of dollars per month, and at any given moment there are tons of fleeting deals due to this! The opposite is true, too...Scarcity leads to high pricing. So, even if you’ve already landed on a place you like, consult us to be sure you’re getting the best rate.

Can you give me a kick-back if I refer you a friend?

Texas real estate law allows us to give referral fees of up to a $50 value. If you found value from working with us and know your friend would benefit as well, send them our way and your locator will be sure to thank you, whether it’s a Venmo or taking y’all out for celebratory drinks once the lease is signed.

I can only do a 6-month lease. How much more is that going to cost?

While rents at most properties will spike like crazy on a shorter lease term, we know the places in town that keep things affordable.

Can ya'll help me find some place that is month-to-month?

No, but we have some alternatives in mind and are happy to point you in the right direction.

Can ya'll help me just find a room to rent?


Can ya'll help me sublet my place?

If you’re desperate to get out of your lease, we can provide helpful advice but won’t actually ‘list’ it for you.

I was just approved for an apartment and can’t go through with it. What happens now?

It’s okay, things happen. We can help you ensure you’re not getting taken advantage of by the apartment complex and help you attempt to get your deposit back. Be prepared to lose your app+admin fee tho. Most importantly, we’re here to help you find the best place for you in light of these new developments. We don’t judge, we just do our job!

I have a guarantor. Cool?

Yes! Nearly all properties accept guarantors. There is a separate application for them that will require their income to be 5x-6x the monthly rent. They’ll have the same financial responsibility that you do on maintaining the lease contract.

Can you help me if I'm looking in the suburbs?

Yes! We have an extensive property database with all the best properties, from cedar park to Kyle.

Can you help me negotiate my rental rate?

It depends. Apartment communities will say that FHA anti-discrimination laws forbid them to offer the same home at different rates to different people. However, we know which places are open to waiving things like parking fees, app/admin, pet fees, etc.

I want an apartment that’s in the safest part of town with only young professionals.

Great! As licensed TX real estate agents, we conform to FHA fair housing laws and take them seriously. While we cannot give you our opinions on crime and resident demographics, we will listen to all of your needs and can show you the places that you’ll feel the most comfortable in.

Can you help me find a stand-alone house or townhome?

We focus on apartment communities with in-house management because we believe they offer you the most value and best living experience. While we don’t work with individual landlords or rental houses from the MLS, there are apartment communities that offer detached and townhome options that we can show you.

What separates a good apartment locator from a meh one?

Responsiveness. Ability to ask the right questions and listen. Market knowledge, ideally crowdsourced by the team. A locator that is ethical, honest, and does what they say they’ll do. An outstanding reputation with the apt management is huge (observe how your locator interacts with the leasing staff). Oh, and a knack for making monotonous apartment tours fun.

I have bad credit. Can I still rent my dream apartment?

Probably! If your credit score is meh, fret not. As long as you don’t owe money to another community, you should be able to qualify. They may ask for a supplemental deposit, but it’s usually a matter of a few hundred bucks that you’re eligible to get back at the end of the lease.

I’m torn between renting or buying. What should I do?

While there are some nice financial benefits to homeownership, there are also many headaches...Not to mention one intense commitment. While we specialize in finding you the right apartment, we can also show you brand new construction houses and condos. Looking for a re-sale house? Our intimate connections with some of Austin’s best young realtors will get you on the right track.

I’m an eager beaver and have my lease coming up 6 months. What’s available?

We love your enthusiasm, but the answer is nobody knows! Since most apartments are on 60-day notice systems, the earliest you can lock down a new apartment is typically 2 months before move-in. We recommend snagging a place 30-60 days before the start date so you have the lion’s share of options and plenty of time to plan your move.

Some crazy things went down back in the day and I have a felony. Can I still rent an apartment?

This is tough. Although most misdemeanors, especially DUIs, will still qualify, a felony isn’t going to be possible unless it’s over 7 years old.

I’m looking to rent a new apt but have a broken lease//eviction//owe an apt community money. How do we do this?

The apartment communities are very strict about this one. Every situation is unique. We’ve talked to many folks in these predicaments, and are happy to advise you on your situation to see how we can help.

I have a sweet doggo considered an ‘aggressive breed’ or too big. Halp.

We got you. While it’s sad that some negligent owners give certain breeds a bad rep, it’s common for apt communities to not accept ‘aggressive breeds’, even if it’s mixed. Luckily, we know which communities are welcoming of all dogs, no matter the breed or weight. We also know the ones with yard apartments and the best dog parks in town.

How are leasing specials factored into the monthly rent?

By using the self-proration method, you’ll be able to identify what the net monthly rent will be by breaking down the savings into a monthly number and distributing it over the lease term.